Saturday, October 25, 2008

Advantages of Online Auto Insurance

Many people think of buying auto insurance online but do not know about which is the best way to find the most suitable auto insurance for them which would fulfill all their needs and requirements. There are a number of advantages of buying auto insurance online and hence a person must seek these advantages before making any decision regarding his auto insurance policy. The biggest advantage of buying auto insurance online is that it helps the person to save a lot of money which he can utilize somewhere else like in the maintenance of his vehicle. People think that all the auto insurance companies are same and offer similar deals regarding the auto insurance. But the fact is that all the auto insurance companies are quite different from each other and offer different dealings to their customers.

The premium amount of the auto insurance which has to be paid during the purchase of an auto insurance can vary from one company to another. By purchasing auto insurance online, a person can easily and quickly compare quotes from a number of companies and make sure that he is getting the best price possible for him to get during an insurance deal. Moreover, when a person purchases auto insurance online, then he gets to save a lot of time. He does not have to make phone calls to each and every insurance company’s office and ask for appointments. He also does not have to go to various offices and sit there for hours waiting for his name to come up for the appointment and then only he would be able to make dealings with the company regarding the auto insurance. So basically, purchasing auto insurance online, a person gets to save a lot of time.

Buying an auto insurance online can prove to be a more safe and reliable way than doing it through an agent or visiting the company office directly. If a person would do direct dealing with the company then it might happen that the company would not disclose all their clauses during the deal signing and also they would do manipulations in the premium amount. But in online auto insurance, everything is computerized and calculations are done by computer. Nothing is done manually at all so there is no chance of mistakes. This makes the online way much safer and reliable than the manual way of purchasing auto insurance

What does term insurance mean? Before you purchase a term life insurance policy it is very important that you understand what it is.

The word "term" means that there is a specific period of time that you are going to have coverage and when that period ends the coverage also ends. When the term has expired you will need to find a new insurance policy.

In the insurance parlance, Annuitant is defined as a person who benefits from a pension or annuity. The advantage of the annuity is that it provides a higher payment of the current value at the time of death. In case an individual dies before the policy period is over, the beneficiaries are the heirs who receive the accumulated amount of the annuity. The payments are subject to income and estate taxes.

There are some factors which affect insurance terms and rates-

Date of birth is the important factor which is used to determine the annuitant's age. If the annuitant is relatively young, the period of insurance will be long and therefore the premium will be low. Another aspect that an insurance company looks into is the sex of the annuitant. Women generally tend to live longer then men for which the insurance company has to budget in a different way.

Which insurance is good for you? There are two type of insurance, first is term life insurance and second is whole life insurance. Term life insurance protects your family from outstanding debts including mortgage. If you are interested in building cash value over a period, then whole life insurance is the better option

Please keep in mind that the longer the "term" policy is the more expensive it will be. The insurance companies know this and use this information as one part of the equation in determining your insurance rates.

We hope those people who for site where they can get good information about term life insurance quote online. To do it, you have to fill an information form online and submit it. No website selling your information to a bunch of insurance agents and thus you do not get bothered for weeks by multiple agents calling your house.

The media is full of stories on how non-life insurers, especially the PSU behemoths, are avoiding taking new consumers in health insurance as the health insurance business is reportedly not profitable. On the other hand, we see widespread campaigns by life insurers, including LIC, advertising the benefits of their newly launched health insurance plans. These new health insurance plans advertised so widely by life insurers have brought much needed public attention to this vital insurance segment.

As a consumer, you could be forgiven for being confused. Allow us to throw some light on this and clear this confusion.

The first aspect you need to understand is that the term 'Health Insurance' is a catch-all term that covers three distinct kinds of health policies.

There is the health policy that reimburses you the actual hospitalization cost for treatment of any disease, offered only by non-life insurers. These kinds of policies are popularly called "Mediclaim" policies (Mediclaim is actually a brand name but has now become a generic term for such policies).

Then there are two other types of health insurance plans offered - by both life insurers and non-life insurers.

One can loosely be referred to as a "Hospitalization Policy," where you primarily get a daily allowance for every day spent in the hospital. Some policies also provide higher daily allowance for stay in intensive care (the ICU). Yet others have a provision for a lump sum payment if you undergo any of the surgical procedures covered in the policy.

The other type of health insurance cover offered by life insurers and non-life insurers are the critical illness covers. Given the increased stress and strain of modern life as well as unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles, most of us are becoming increasingly prone to serious illnesses, such as cancer, heart attacks, organ failure, strokes, etc. Advances in modern medicine ensure that most of us survive these illnesses. This survival, however, comes at a cost - a serious dent in our ability to earn (salary or from business). Critical illness cover steps in here and pays off a lump sum benefit - that helps in protecting your current lifestyle.

Most life insurers have long offered these covers as riders (Riders are covers for additional risks or to enhance existing risk covers). Now these critical illness covers are also being offered as stand-alone policies to cover the risks of specific kinds of critical illness such as say, cancer. These policies are recommended, at the very least, for income earners - contracting a critical illness has a huge financial impact on their future income.

A very relevant question at this point would be:

Do I require a hospitalization policy if I already have a Mediclaim policy?

The Mediclaim policy only reimburses the expenditure incurred in the actual treatment of the disease/illness at the hospital. There are several other expenses that are typically incurred, which the Mediclaim policy does not reimburse. Expenses such as travel, attendant's lodging, loss of income (for both the patient and/or the attendant), pre-hospitalization diagnostic tests, medicines, etc. can run up to as much as 30-40% of the total cost of treatment of a disease or illness. A hospitalization policy takes care of these expenses.

Life insurance companies have done a great job in bringing this topic of health insurance to the forefront of consumer consciousness and hopefully each one of you (unlike our earlier generation which mostly left it to God) will cover your health risks adequately.

We have put together a table that gives you an easy comparison of the various features in each type of policy, and the relative advantages and disadvantages of life insurers and non-life insurers offering these products.

As you will find, the policies offered by life insurers are actually in addition to, not replacing Mediclaim policies.

Remember, it is an absolute must that you and your dependents have adequate cover on your Mediclaim policy. It cannot be replaced by any other kind of policy.

When you are setting up your photography business, you should ensure adequate protection for your business by insuring your profession against any likely risks with Photographers insurance. By opting for a PI Insurance you can cover all your legal and fiscal liabilities. A small expense on Professional indemnity or PI insurance will provide you immense peace of mind and will insure your liabilities, errors and omissions.

In your routine photography business also you require photographers’ insurance coverage against claims made against occurrence of accidences during a photographic session. You are liable for the personal injury sustained by your customer on the way to your studio or home. You become indirectly responsible for the errors not committed by you.

As a professional photographer you may commit errors and omissions from the first stage of taking photographs to the last stage of finishing the image and delivery to the customer. You may lose the film due to your fault or on the part of the processor. The photo images may also be lost or damage while in transit, shipping, private careers or postal system. The images may be lost in the cyberspace or you may send the photo images to an incorrect party.

You need a PI insurance cover according to the type of work environment and your models. It may happen that your model may be struck by a stray horse or lightning at an outside location during a photography session. The insurance policy should ideally cover the photography equipment in the place of your working area. With the photographers insurance you can protect not only camera and lenses, but a host of other equipments such as fax machine, computer and your software.

Photographers insurance or PI insurance has a unique target market with great potential for growth. Special insurance policies are designed especially to meet the needs of commercial photographers. The PI insurance coverage is essential for every photography business to meet the risks of coverage for photography equipment, cost coverage for replacement of studio contents. To get the best value for your hard earned money you can also combine the PI insurance with other types of insurance. Photography insurance keeps your photography business well and alive should a misfortune happen and cause loss or damage to your equipment, whether at your studio or round the world.

Most of the employees working for any organization find health insurance coverage as a part of the package they receive from the company. The question, however, arises for the one who are involved in their own business or, in other words, are self employed. Who makes health insurance coverage for these people then? When looking at it practically, the self employed people are the soul of their business. If these people are left uninsured, any unforeseen circumstances might render the business itself incapable. Hence, getting yourself insured becomes the first and foremost responsibility for self employed people.

When self employed people are shopping for a health insurance, it is extremely important to research well and opt for the best deal possible. Apart from getting quotes from the insurance companies on foot, you can also try the faster and sure shot method of getting quotes online. While getting quotes is quite easy, what comes next is the biggest challenge in getting you a health insurance.

The market offers many deals and products to the self employed for health insurance. Which product will prove to be the best is the biggest possible question that many users worldwide have faced extreme difficulty in answering. While some made a wrong choice, others were too boggled to finally drop thinking of a health insurance. So what is it that makes for the best health insurance product for a self employed? Read on for more!

While it is easier to find one a health insurance in a younger age without any ailments, as the age increases and the ailments start increasing too, getting yourself a health insurance becomes tougher by the day. For the same reasons, for those who are working alone in their business, getting the advantage of a group insurance will help. Joining an association that provides for insurance to all its group members will help you get the necessary coverage. Apart from this, there are many companies offering various schemes for the risk pools, that is, those people who are in the danger zone. If you appear well on their criteria, you can manage to bag a health insurance scheme for yourself.

Meanwhile, self employed people, who are in the safe zone of the health insurance companies, are also eligible to use the medical savings account (MSA), which is legalized by the rule book offered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The MSA help in reducing the premiums for the health insurance while also allowing you to use the money from pre-taxation to pay for your medical bills and expenses. By opting for a high deductible plan, you can further increase the pre-taxation amount that you can withdraw for the paying of medial bills.

Finally, while choosing the best health insurance scheme for you does matter, finding yourself the best insurance dealer also matters equally well. Therefore, research the market well and find the dealer who is ready to provide you the kind of plan you are looking forwards to. This will ensure that you and your business remain ensured, in terms of health, as long as you live.

To find a cheap car insurance one has to take efforts as it may seem simple but requires patience. There are numerous car insurance coverage’s that one can choose from over the internet. A little bit of research is required then one can find the plan that is suitable as per ones needs.

The next step while searching for cheap car insurance is to find out whether you are eligible for the coverage, as normally cheap car insurance is not provided without any conditions. Some basic criteria is a must to avail of such insurance. The insured party has to primarily feel that there is less risk associated with your insurance policy, only then will they be willing to offer low premiums and insurance rates.

To avail of cheap car insurance determine the condition of your car and check out its value. If the car has a high performance value and is esteemed to fetch a high price in the market, then the risk associated with insuring such a car is more, hence it would not fall under the category of cheap car insurance. Next check out if you have any record of traffic violations as this would make a negative remark about you and would increase the level of insurance rate as you would be prone to accidents more frequently than others. Try and install safety devices in the car such as seat belts, anti-lock systems and more as this would help in fetching cheap car insurance rates.

Lastly find out if there are any discount schemes going around or select plans with flexible payment schemes and reasonable rates. Find out about multiple policies and multicar policies which would help in lowering the rates of premium if purchased from the same service provider.

Some insurance providers offer cheap car insurance rates for women as it is considered that women are safe drivers as compared to men and the severity of accidents in the case of women drivers is also relatively less. One can get cheap car insurance rates over the internet by doing a comparison study of various insurance quotes. Insurance quotes can be obtained by filling online application forms and requesting for quotes which are sending to the email account of a person within minutes. Such quotes are free of cost and one can compare them to get the best rate of insurance.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Out of the Ordinary Insurance

When people think of insurance, they most likely conjure up images of cars, houses, travel and pets but there are some not-so-standard insurance policies that you may never have thought about!

Believe it or not there is actually a company in Florida which offers insurance against Alien Abduction! You can insure yourself against being kidnapped by extra-terrestrials, and if you are snatched by a bright light from the sky, then you need to hope you are dropped back on Earth so you can fill in the paperwork and make a claim. So if you're worried about seeing UFO's near your home or have been watching too many X-Files episodes then this type of insurance could be just the ticket.

Many celebrities over the years have insured parts of their bodies that were vital to their success. Michael Flatley insured his legs for millions, Bruce Springsteen covered his voice and Egon Ronay took out a policy on his taste buds. It's unlikely that most of the general public would consider such extreme measures but when there's big money and livelihood at stake, it can often make sense.

The term ‘moral turpitude' is not one you hear every day but it refers to a type of insurance policy that covers celebrity endorsements when they go wrong. If, for example, a company paid a celebrity millions of pounds to endorse a product and then during that time the celebrity was convicted of wrongdoing then the policy would protect the company's investment.

Sporting events also come into play within the insurance market and not just in the way you might think with regards to sponsorships. Big sporting events like the Olympics and the Superbowl are often heavily insured against things going wrong and the event not being able to take place. One policy even covered Scottish football fans for trauma should Scotland ever go on to win the World Cup. Another possibility could be to insure against being hit by a stray ball at a golf event or cricket match, because you just never know.

In recent years insuring your pets has gone from being considered rather quirky and unnecessary to being a must have item for animal owners, so who knows what areas of insurance may grow in popularity in the future? All it needs is one or two confirmed Alien abductions and a whole new market could open up!

For most people however, such insurance is nothing short of fantastical and the likelihood of finding insurers to cover such bizarre potential occurrences is likely to be slim at best. There is of course a more down-to-earth side to insurance however than all of these extreme policies and remembering to get a home insurance quote for example before you move house will prove much more useful in your day-to-day life than wondering if E.T. is going to pay you a visit.